Our Newborn Experience

Thank you so much for considering Perfect Pear to photograph your newest family addition!  Our images help time to practically stand-still so you can remember this time in your life, as well as theirs, forever.

We are continually inspired by families like yours, and truly enjoy capturing the emotion and beauty of your unique family.  We are honored to share this special time in your lives with us!

We have created these pages to help guide you through the process, get to know us, and how to get the most from your session.

Welcome to our newborn photography client guide.newborn photographyWelcome to our newborn photography client guide.

What do you need to bring?

Our studio is packed with all of the various wraps, blankets, and accessories to create amazing images.  There is no need for you to bring anything other than a few things you would bring with you in a typical diaper bag.

If possible bring your baby to the studio without tight clothing. A onesie that isn’t snapped on the bottom with blankets only covering baby works great. If baby sleeps on the way to the session we can easily remove the onesie and start working immediately. Undressing lots of layers and unsnapping snaps will wake the baby and also leave imprint marks on his or her skin.

A sleeping is a happy baby!

Most of the images we’ll be shooting work best if the baby is in a deep sleep.

Please change, feed, and burp baby immediately before our studio session to encourage a “milk coma”.  For the best results, you can do this in the warmth and comfort of the studio, so we can begin shooting immediately.

If possible, try and keep the baby awake prior to the shoot so they are sleepy and the milk coma will last a few hours.  We’ll also expect to take a break for another feeding at some point, so bring extra bottles to supplement if not nursing.


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