high school senior photographyhigh school senior photographyhigh school senior photography SENIOR PORTRAITS

We think High School seniors are the most exciting people on the planet. This is a great time in their lives, their journey toward the big “what’s next.” How do we make their photos special? Well, we interview seniors well before their session to learn more about him or her. We might even do a Pinterest board to explore and catalog their interests. We want to make each session as personal and unique as possible.  We'll discuss looks and location, as well as any props or accessories to further tailor their images. 

Check out our high school senior photo gallery.


high school senior sports photographyhigh school senior sports photographyhigh school senior sports photography Senior Sports Photography

We love to get to know our high school seniors, and that includes their key interests.

It might be playing an instrument, a sport, or a hobby like reading or hunting.  Let's use some of those interests to create some super cool images.  The sky (and your imagination) are the limit.  We love the storytelling aspects of photography, and that shows in our imagery.  If you want to make something more meaningful than your standard portrait, we are up to the challenge!  Bring us your ideas and let's create a work of art.  

You can see many examples of our high-school senior photos in our gallery, and no two are ever the same!  Each client has individual goals and aspirations, and that should be reflected in the images we capture.  Soon they will probably be off to college, and we all know how fast the years go after that.  Take a moment and give us a few hours to capture this moment.





High School Is An Amazing Time

dancers and ballerinas are so much fun to work with!Dances and BalletWe love the beauty of dance! The creativity and skills of young adults at this time in their lives is amazing!  We can capture what interests them, what they do best, and most importantly who they are today.  This isn't about putting them under a bridge and taking a quick snap-shot, it is about remembering who they are today so they can look back years from now and remember these moments with those generations to come.

We take studio lighting to each scene and location so we are not dependent on the whims of the weather or time of day.  We also have a spacious studio located in Germantown, Wisconsin where we can handle any sized task, from the lonely ballerina to an entire car.  With these facilities and skills, we can create scenes that set us apart from other photographers.  Each of our senior photography session includes both time outside as well as a dedicated studio session.

Modeling Program

We offer an exclusive modeling program open to just 12 young adults each year.  To read more information on this amazing program, please see our blog post on high-school senior modeling.

We can't wait to work with you!