First, congratulations! What a wonderful stage in your life. These photos take place between 34 and 36 weeks. I like the simplicity of the studio but I also shoot on location. I know many amazing natural environments.

When your baby is born, call me to schedule the shoot when your child is between five and 14 days old. Morning sessions are best as baby is less fussy and more likely to sleep. It’s a good idea to feed them right before the appointment or right when you arrive. Newborns are unpredictable; I will gladly re-shoot if he or she is fussy and we can’t complete the session.

Should you include your husband? That’s entirely up to you. The rest of the family? Again, up to you. Preserve this magical time the way you know in your heart you truly feel.

Here you can view images from our newborn as well as maternity galleries.