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Germantown High School SeniorGermantown High School SeniorBeautiful Jenna in her prom dress

Are you a Junior, or parent of a Junior considering where to go for your Senior Photos?  Would you like an opportunity to participate in several themed shoots throughout the school year in addition to your personal senior photo session?  This year we are offering a unique opportunity for a select few Senior clients to be a part of our Modeling Club. 

What exactly does this mean?

Throughout the year we will host several themed photography days either at the studio or on location. The members of the club will be invited, treated to hair and makeup and will shoot additional images that can be added to your portfolio.  At the end of the year, you will have several sessions in addition to your standard session from which you may order images.  

Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what we are thinking:

Prom Day

Did you love your prom dress so much and you want to wear it one more time?  Want to wear a friend's dress?  We will provide an opportunity to dress up again and go on location and shoot outside with professional lighting! There is never an additional cost to you for the event.  However, it is only open to those who are part of this program.

Retro Hollywood Glam

Love those old movie poster and the look from the classics of Hollywood?  This session will feature designs that reflect that era, as well as hair and make-up.

Designer Fashion Day

We work with a ton of local designers on other projects, and several have offered to bring in their wardrobes for a day of modeling in the studio!

Denim and Cowboy boots

Wear your cutest boots and shorts and shoot with some friends.  Channel your inner Carrie and have fun doing it! 

Parachute Dress!

Every wanted to wear one of these awesome dresses made from a parachute?  Here is your chance!

How do you become a member?

All members will meet the following guidelines:

  • 3.0 GPA Minimum

  • Perfect Pear will create your senior photos

  • Participate in 5 of our themed shoots throughout the school year

  • Use one of our images as your picture on social media for the entire school year

  • Participate in at least one school extracurricular activity

  • Parental/Guardian approval

What does the $300 membership fee include?

  • Your images will be featured on our website, social media and studio samples for the year

  • You will be invited to the themed shoots throughout the year with the ability to purchase additional prints

  • Possibility of having your images submitted for publication, if desired.

Are you ready to be one of our models?  Call or contact us at www.perfectpearphotos.com or via our Facebook Page.  We are excited to work with you!

Scott and Connie


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