A lesson in newborn anatomy

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What do you call that?

A fun fact about me is I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who decided to start a photography career after 13 years of nursing.  I loved working with children and infants at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and I would not trade the experience for the world.  What an honor to have a small part in caring for so many children and families for so many years.  I saw some teeny tiny premature infants in NICU, children with runny noses and big tonsils at the ENT clinic, and gave support on the phone to so many nervous parents with questions.  

Every now and again I find myself pulling out random anatomy names and medical conditions when I work with these babies.  Frequently Scott and I Skype and I ask him "do you know what the hair is called?".  I feel pretty smart for about 2 seconds and then he starts talking about physics and I'm silenced.  He's way smarter than me.

The hair on their bodies Lanugo Lanugo LanugoLanugo Lanugo LanugoThe hair on this baby's back is called lanugo. It's the cutest thing ever!

This little girl had a ton of hair on her head as well as her body, it is called lanugo.  It's the little details of the newborn body that never stop fascinating me.  Their little perfect fingers and toes, the tiny milia on their nose and the sucking pads that some babies have at birth.  Some newborns have eyelashes, some don't, but they're all perfect little specimens of life from the get go.


I still get my baby fix

We are both super comfortable with children and babies and absolutely love capturing them.  Scott's wife has an in home daycare that provides him with nonstop opportunities for child interaction and sideline parenting, and I'm a mom to two boys who are the center of my world. 

I miss working as an NP on occasion, but I tell parents that I still have the opportunity to interact with babies but now I see them healthy.  Scott is very generous letting me do all the swaddling and posing, he knows I would feel deprived if he took over that part of the session.  I'll leave the easy stuff like lighting up to him :) 




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