A lesson in newborn anatomy

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What do you call that?

A fun fact about me is I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who decided to start a photography career after 13 years of nursing.  I loved working with children and infants at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and I would not trade the experience for the world.  What an honor to have a small part in caring for so many children and families for so many years.  I saw some teeny tiny premature infants in NICU, children with runny noses and big tonsils at the ENT clinic, and gave support on the phone to so many nervous parents with questions.  

Every now and again I find myself pulling out random anatomy names and medical conditions when I work with these babies.  Frequently Scott and I Skype and I ask him "do you know what the hair is called?".  I feel pretty smart for about 2 seconds and then he starts talking about physics and I'm silenced.  He's way smarter than me.

The hair on their bodies Lanugo Lanugo LanugoLanugo Lanugo LanugoThe hair on this baby's back is called lanugo. It's the cutest thing ever!

This little girl had a ton of hair on her head as well as her body, it is called lanugo.  It's the little details of the newborn body that never stop fascinating me.  Their little perfect fingers and toes, the tiny milia on their nose and the sucking pads that some babies have at birth.  Some newborns have eyelashes, some don't, but they're all perfect little specimens of life from the get go.


I still get my baby fix

We are both super comfortable with children and babies and absolutely love capturing them.  Scott's wife has an in home daycare that provides him with nonstop opportunities for child interaction and sideline parenting, and I'm a mom to two boys who are the center of my world. 

I miss working as an NP on occasion, but I tell parents that I still have the opportunity to interact with babies but now I see them healthy.  Scott is very generous letting me do all the swaddling and posing, he knows I would feel deprived if he took over that part of the session.  I'll leave the easy stuff like lighting up to him :) 



We practice what we preach

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We practice what we preach!!!!!!! 

This past Christmas Chad and I took our boys to Florida for a trip to Disney and Cocoa Beach. It was a much needed break for all of us. Part of the trip was supposed to a be a 5K on New Years Day but I ended up injuring my foot and couldn't do it. I was a little bummed out but trip was still fun. 

While there I scheduled a beach family photography session with Erika Hopkins Photography, Orlando. She did a fantastic job interacting with our boys and making us all relaxed despite the fact that it was the coldest day of the week at 40 degrees (I had super cute shorts and t-shirts planned by the way). The end images are lovely.

It was important for me to document our lives together right now---Sully is growing up very fast and Murray isn't too far behind. I know that before I know it they'll be in high school and then off to college. When that happens I'll have these images to look back on. Not only will they be in a book I've ordered but they will be on my wall!!! I don't believe images should stay on a CD. I don't think they should be on your computer either---they need to be on a place where you see them EVERY DAY--your walls! Your families are your most beautiful art and should be treated as such. 

Scott and I want to freeze your family in time. We want to make beautiful art to put on your walls. We want to preserve your memories forever. 


Image by Erika Hopkins Photography


Pretty in Purple

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The Importance of Styling in Newborn Photography

Baby Loves His Teddy BearBaby Loves His Teddy BearBaby Loves His Teddy Bear We put out a newborn model call last week and the calls and participation have been wonderful! This little baby girl was a dream to work with.  

Styling Newborn Photos

I am a huge fashion girl and love putting together little "sets" and looks for babies. I spend way too much time and money shopping.  Every time I'm at a store I look at different containers and textiles for styling.  Will this scarf look good in a bowl?  What is the diameter of this basket?  Everything is a possible layer of an image.  

We absolutely love neutral and subtle images because less if often more, but sometimes a punch of color is just what the image needs.  Scott and I put purple of this lady because she has a wonderful head of dark hair and really nice skin.  The color didn't overwhelm her at all.  We then placed her on a vintage crochet textile that made the image very sweet.   

Making It Personal

We are not opposed to using sentimental objects in your shoots as long as it fits with our aesthetic.  I'm not a huge fan of enormous flowers on heads, I prefer dainty ones, but a special blanket can be a nice addition.  Another great way to make your image personal is by adding a sibling.  We love adding family members to your shoot.  It's a huge blessing to have a new baby as a parent and siblings are excited too!!!!!  When you schedule with us we will take all of your requests and use them to make your images yours.  

We would love to work with you!  

~Scott and Connie






Newborn Model Call Day 2

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Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

Newborn boy day 14 of life rocks his photography session

Germantown Milwaukee Newborn PhotographerGermantown Milwaukee Newborn PhotographerSnug like a bug in a bucket :) We are so blessed to have a great working relationship when capturing newborns.  I am lucky to do the holding, rocking and posing while Scott adjusts light, gives opinions and generally makes the session goes smoothly.  We make a great team taking turns with the camera too.  This little guy was such a good sleeper and incredibly sweet.  Loved working with him in our Germantown studio.  

Newborn Session Model Call

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Newborn Session Model Call-day 1

Awake baby gave us adorable faces!

On Wednesday morning we shot this lovely baby who decided to stay awake the whole time giving us gorgeous awake images! What a beauty!


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